Other International Textiles

 TEX_0045 Dress Front, Afghanistan, Silk and Metal thread embroidery on cotton
11 in x 12.5 in $140.00
 1. Indian Embroidery, From Gujarat, Antique,  Silk Embroidery on Cotton,Cotton Backing, 17 x 20 inches   $400.00
Old  Indian "Ralli" Quilt, Cotton, 43 x 58 inches, $400, Some fraying at edges otherwise in nice condition.

 TEX_0042 Hat Chitral
3 in x 7 in $125.00
 TEX_0059 1030 Waziristan Textile, Cotton and Silk,  43 x 85 in $325.00

Priest's Collar, Silk Embroidery on Silk Cloth, Cotton Backing, 76" x 5.25", Pakistan I bought this in Pakistan many years ago. It is the only example of Christian embroidery from Pakistan that I ever saw. (Not that I exactly beat the bushes looking for such things). My guess is that it is at least  early 20th century but may be much earlier. Very fine embroidery but with soiling, stains and wear.  $135

 2. Indian Hanging, Silk Embroidery on Cotton, 18 inches wide, $200