Central Asian Textiles

Textile collecting was always an integral part of our research process. For many years, we traveled through northern Afghanistan collecting textiles and information about them in Tashkurgan, Aibak, Mazar-i-Sharif, Aqcha, and Maimana.

Our textile collections have been a great resource for our writing, have been shown in museum exhibitions, and have brought us great personal enjoyment and pleasure. See the Articles section of this website for an introductory view of the history and cultural background of Central Asian ikat and Uzbek and Turkoman embroidery. For more detailed information, look to our books Ikat Silks of Central Asia, the Guido Goldman Collection, Calmann and King, 1996 and the new Uzbek Embroidery in the Steppe Tradition, the Jack A. and Aviva Robinson Collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MIA, 2007.

Amu Darya region Turkoman embroidery remains one of the least published but superb Central Asian textile traditions; if it seems that we are hinting that we would love to write that book, you are right. The rare Turkoman cuffs, bags, and elek (protective collars for children) shown below are unusual, authentic examples of embroidery from a little-known cultural tradition. The Turkoman embroidered and felted bread bags had tremendous social significance in Turkoman society, as the ritual delivery and presentation of breads formed part of many social interactions such as weddings and birth celebrations.  Other noteworthy pieces are the authentic Lakai or Kungrat v-shaped segusha, the ikat robe (we have other ikat and plain silk robes and garments to come) and the more recently acquired examples of charming, mid-twentieth century suzani embroideries from Uzbekistan.

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 TEX_0113 Uzbek Boots, leather, late 19th/early 20th century 9.5" x 14.5" $750

 TEX_0125 Ikat Dress Length: 49" Sleeves: 66"
One 1.5" split in sleeve, repairable 19th Century HOLD

 TEX146 Central Asian Batik, Silk, 8'3" x 4'5", Early 20th Century, $800.00 TEX149  Central Asian Ikat Hanging, Silk, 57" x 95",  Late 19th Century, Some stains, $1400.00 
 TEX_0051 1036 Antique Khivan Coat 57 x 46 in $250.00

TEX_0064 5734 Central Asian Alacha  Striped Silk Paranja, Silk/Cotton, Early 20th Century,  Length 61 inches   $600.00 



TEX_0137 Khiva Quilted Coat, Cotton Wefted Silk, Early 20th Century, Sleeves 48", Length 41.5 $200
 TEX_0138  Ikat Chapan, Unlined, Silk, Late 19th Century  Sleeves: 77" Length: 53" $550.00
 TEX_139  Ikat Dress, Unlined, Silk, Late 19th Century, Sleeves: 73"  Length: 51"  $500.00 
  TEX147  Central Asian Batik, Silk, 90" x 46", Early 20th Century, $900 Detail TEX147 



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