Ethnographic Art and Objects of Vertu

In the 19th century, there was a major revival of fine metalworking, jewelry making, and textile arts in the Central Asian kingdoms.  The massive emigration from
Bukhara, Khiva, and Kokand into Afghanistan after the Bolshevik Revolution also brought many of these precious objects of Central Asian art to Afghanistan. Qajar work from Iran was collected by wealthy Afghans – who also coveted Chinese and European knick-knacks and porcelain. This page features both highly sophisticated urban arts and rare examples of ethnographic material, including some fine examples of Bukharan metalwork.






ETH_0004 Antique Central Asian early 20th C. wooden box with decorative tin cladding
9 x 7 x 4 in. $125

 Group of eight Central Asian "khushtak" whistles.  These were traditionally blown by children during the holiday of Nauruz.  These were collected in Northern Afghanistan and appear to be older examples but are hard to date precisely.  $250.00
 ETH067  Pair of Leather Shoes from Northern Afghanistan, 10" x 4", With brass studs and embroidery, About 50 years old, $150


ETH_0009 Antique India 19th Century Copper box, probably Kashmiri
2.75 x 9 in $500

ETH_0023 Nuristan1 Harp $400.00
 ETH_0019 Antique Kafiristan late 19th-20th Century Kafiirstan wall hook, wood.
3.75 x 20.5 $300
 ETH079  Central Asian Camel Skin Vessel, 17" x 14",  Not sure of the age but it was bought in Afghanistan in the 1970s and was old then.  $450




Chinese Hat Box, Late 19th/Early 20th Century, 10" Tall x 12.75" Wide, Laquer on Leather, $325

 ETH 0041  Lot of old military insignia from Pakistan and British India, Brass, 2" wide and smaller,20th century, from all the hot spots!  $175

ETH062  Punjab Shield, Brass with surface tinning, 10.75" Diameter, Early 20th Century?, $100

 ETH 0042 6 Silver medals from Afghanistan, 20th Century, largest is 1.9" not including loop,  $100 each

ETH0043  Lot of 5 copper and silver medals, Afghan, Pakistan, British India, $125 for the lot

 ETH_0044 Brass waterpipe base, late 19th/early 20th century, 8.5"W x 11"H, $140  Very heavy

ETH 0045, Brass waterpipe base, early 20th century, 10"H x 9"W, Early 20th century, $130
 ETH 0046  Brass waterpipe base, Early 20th Century, 12"H x 8"W, Early 20th Century, $140  Some later repairs

ETH 0047  Large Bronze Hooka Bowl, 3.25"W x 3.1"H, Late 19th/Early 20th Century, $80

 ETH065  Kafiristan Wooden Hook, 18.25" x 8" x 1.25", About 50 years old, $200
 ETH059  Lot of 4 Persian Tiles,  Largest: 5.75" x 5.75", Smallest: 5" x 2.75"  About 50 years old, The largest tile has been cracked and repaired

ETH050  Ceramic Bowl, Northern Pakistan, 12" Diameter, 3.75" Tall, About 50 to 75 years old
(These are not recent reproductions)

 ETH051  Ceramic Bowl, Northern Pakistan, 11.25 Diameter, 3.6" Tall, About 50 to 75 years old,
(These are not recent reproductions)

ETH052  Ceramic Bowl, Northern Pakistan, 11.75 Diameter, 3.25" Tall  SOLD

 ETH053  Ceramic Bowl, Northern Pakistan, 11.75" Diameter, 3.25" Tall, About 50 to 75 years old

ETH054  Ceramic Bowl, Northern Pakistan, 12.2" Diameter, 4" Tall,
About 50 to 75 years old SOLD

 SL_0028 Tibetan Bowl 18-19th C $250.00

ETH056 Ceramic Bowl, Northern Pakistan, 11.5 Diameter, 3.7" Tall
About 50 to 75 years old



Naswar is a kind of chewing tobacco made with finely ground tobacco and lime.  Nasty stuff but the gourds are nice!
 ETH073  Turkmen Naswar Gourd, 5.75" x 2"  $100
 ETH074  Turkmen Naswar Gourd, 4.5 x 2.25  $70  Slightly tacky surface on the bottom designs. 

 ETH076  Turkmen Naswar Gourd,  4.2" x 1.8" $150
Base has unusual figurative designs with horses, birds, vessels, etc.  Looks like prehistoric wall paintings.  Rare type.

Detail of ETH076
 ETH069 Large Copper Colander, Pakistan, 24" Wide x 13" Tall, About 50 to 75 years old,  Has traces of surface tinning

ETH063  Afghan Snuff (Naswar) Box, Silver, 1" x 2.25" x .6",  Dated "1368" which is 1948/1949 CE, Generally in good condition with the usual scratches and dents,
 ETH060  Tribal India Sculpture, Bronze, 2.1" Tall x 2.25" Long

ETH070  Three Piece Set of Iron Fire Tools, Tallest: 29" x 6",  American, 19th Century