Andrew Hale of Anahita Gallery provides reliable, expert, USPAP compliant appraisal services.

Appraisal for insurance, museum donations, identification, and loss for all forms of art from Central Asia and the surrounding regions.
Appraisal of antiquities, Islamic art, metalwork, ceramics, carpets, kilims, ikat, embroideries and other textile arts.
We provide appraisals of all forms of photography and sound recordings for estate, charitable donation, and insurance purposes.
We have substantial experience in documenting and valuing collections, both for private collectors and insurers.

Formal appraisal hourly fee $85 per hour plus NM Gross Receipts Tax of 8.1875% for work done in New Mexico.

Each appraisal is different; advance contracts will be provided for written reports based upon estimated time.
Some estimates will require revision based upon changes in the number of items, storage conditions, or other matters unknown at the time of estimate.
Travel expenses and per-diem are additional.

High quality digital images are usually acceptable as the basis for informal verbal aprraisals.

All fees must be paid prior to delivery  on completion of appraisal reports.
It is not permitted to base fees on the value of objects or collections appraised.
Signed reports will be delivered after payment in full.

Questions? Please call Andrew Hale at 505-231-7216 or email and schedule an evaluation or appraisal.

Andrew Hale, Director

P.O. Box 5827   Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502