Antique Wood

WOOD001 Lot of 3 Carved Wooden Panels, Mughal Period, 18th Century or Earlier.  6.5" x 85", 7.5" x 120", 6.5" x 120"
  Based on their designs, (especially their similarity to designs found on the 17th century Mughal "waq waq" carpets) I believe these are probably early Mughal.  I would be interested to hear any comments regarding them.  I have been unable to find any studies of Mughal wood carving.  If anyone knows of one, please let me know.

 WOOD002  Mughal Wood Door, 18th Century, 66" (not including hinge poles) x 35.25, Part of bottom sections missing.  $1800
 WOOD003  Wood Door, 19th Century or Earlier, 75" x 36.5, Central Carved Panels: 66" x 27.5"  $3500