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Dear friends, clients and consignors,

As many of you who have contacted me recently know, beginning in 2016, Anahita Gallery, Inc. will be focusing exclusively on its large collection of international vintage, early modern, and contemporary photography, on my long-held, private textile collection, and on my professional appraisal work covering Central Asian art, international photography and sound recordings.

I have valued my relationships with my consignors in particular, and wished to remind Anahita Gallery’s international clientele to contact me promptly regarding materials on the website that will soon no longer be available.

We’ll soon be bringing a new look to the websites for Anahita Gallery, Inc. and the Anahita Archive of International Photography, so please stay tuned!

Andy Hale

Thirty-five years ago, Anahita Gallery Inc. began distributing works in the field of Central Asian art.
This website and are the primary venue for materials from business and private collections.
We are happy to provide a written identification and guarantee for anything that is sold, providing the origin of the object and length of time it has been in the United States.

Anahita Gallery, Inc. specializes in fine, collectors' textiles and ethnographic ornament from Central Asia. Visit our online photography gallery by going to, our new photography website.

Anahita International Photography
Vintage and contemporary fine art photography from Russia and Central Asia. Artists include Igor Mukhin, Boris Savelev, Elena Darikovich, Alexander Slyusarev, Sergei Gitman, Boris Smelov, Alexander Lapin, Maria Snigerevskaya, Georgi Zelma, Max Penson, Ivan Shagin,  Marat Baltabaev, Anatoly Rahimbaev, and many more. Vintage photography from Egypt, the Near East, and the Islamic world.

Professional appraisal of international photography, sound recordings, and textiles.

We are available by appointment. Call us at 505-231-7216 for more information.

Please note, because so many of you have requested it, we now accept payment via PayPal.

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